Martin Scorsese Is Making Another Movie About Jesus

Martin Scorsese Is Making Another Movie About Jesus

Martin Scorsese has unveiled significant details about his upcoming film, which centers around the life of Jesus.

In a conversation with The LA Times, Scorsese revealed that following a meeting with Pope Francis in May, he has finalized a screenplay for a movie about Jesus, set to commence filming later this year. The narrative will draw inspiration from Shūsaku Endō’s book, A Life of Jesus, the same author behind Silence, a work Scorsese adapted in 2016.

Unlike traditional religious films, Scorsese aims to delve into Jesus’ core teachings without overtly advocating for any particular belief system.

“I’m attempting to present it in a way that explores the principles without actively promoting them,” Scorsese explained.

Expressing his desire to reshape people’s perceptions of organised religion, Scorsese emphasised the need to revisit the fundamental aspects without being burdened by the negative connotations associated with it.

“I want to find a fresh approach to make it more relatable and remove the stigma attached to organised religion,” Scorsese remarked.

The renowned director hopes to encourage audiences to reconsider their perspectives on religion, especially in light of contemporary issues and criticisms.

“Currently, when you mention ‘religion,’ it sparks controversy because of its numerous failures,” Scorsese observed. “However, the fact that it has faltered doesn’t necessarily mean the initial intentions were misguided. Let’s reflect on it. You may choose to reject it, but it could influence how you lead your life—even in rejection. Don’t dismiss it outright; that’s my point. And I say this as an individual about to turn 81 in a couple of days. Do you understand what I’m trying to convey?”

Scorsese’s cinematic exploration of Christianity is not new, with many of his previous works, such as the acclaimed The Last Temptation of Christ in 1988, delving into religious themes. In a prelude to the release of Silence, Scorsese discussed how his Catholic faith has been a profound source of inspiration for his most significant projects.

“For me, Christianity is where I seek the meaning of existence and life. It’s the genuine saving grace for our world, for our species. The truth lies in the everyday behaviour of individuals. I am certain it’s there, leading us to compassion and love,” Scorsese affirmed.


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