Stations of the Cross and Resilience

Stations of the Cross and Resilience

On Wednesday, 13 April, United Theological College’s Rev. Dr Ockert Meyer will deliver a lecture at the Stations of the Cross 2022 art exhibit.

“I was asked to talk about the theme “resilience and the human spirit” which links up with the theme of the art works,” Rev. Dr Meyer said. 

 “I intend to address the following four questions: What is resilience?”

“Why has it suddenly become so topical? (quite a few new publications have seen the light recently addressing resilience; it is also beginning to attract the attention of theologians – who write about it from various theological, pastoral and practical angles).”

“What is the biblical/theological context in which one could talk about resilience? (The word itself does not appear anywhere in the bible, but there is frequent mention in the bible of similar or corresponding ideas.)” 

“And perhaps most important, what is it that helps us build resilience? Does faith play a role in the building of resilience and if so, how? (This is probably the part that will attract most interest.”

“Almost all recent research points to a general decrease in resilience, especially among young people, in Australia. What are the reasons for this and how could this trend be reversed?”

“The talk will approach these questions in the context of the Paschal events, with specific reference to the Stations of the Cross and the art works that have been submitted for this.” 

The Stations of the Cross Exhibit is an annual art exhibition that invites artists to respond to a given part of the crucifixion account. Each ‘station’ of the cross is assigned to an artist at random.

The artists come from a variety of faith backgrounds and art traditions.

The 2022 Exhibition opened on 1 April. This year’s artists include:

Daniel Kim,

Jenny Little,

Dell Walker,

Jason Wing,

Chris Auckett,

Doug Purnell,

Euan Macleod,

James Drinkwater,

Maddie Gibbs (whose work is featured in the featured image), 

John R Walker,

Fan Dong Wang and Chris Wyatt,  

Lottie Consalvo,

Andrew Purvis,

Mirre Van Dalen, 

and Greg Warburton.

The Stations of the Cross art exhibition is now taking place at Northmead High School. Guided tours are available on weekend days at 2pm or via appointment. Ockert Myer delivers the Stations of the Cross lecture on Wednesday, 13 April 2022.

Special Events:

Wine and Cheese Night    Thursday 7 April at 7 pm

Eremos Quiet Retreat       Saturday 9 April from 10am-1.00 pm

Palm Sunday Service        Sunday 10 April  at 9.30am

Jazz Night                         Sunday 10 April at 6.00 pm

SOTC Lecture                     Wednesday 13 April at noon

Good Friday                       Friday 15 April at 9.00 am

For more information about the Stations of the Cross exhibition, visit the official website here.


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