How to not give up on Lent

How to not give up on Lent

Lent kicked off this week, so you’ve probably already sorted out what you’re going to give up in tribute to Jesus giving up his own life for us.

What did you go for? Chocolate? Alcohol? Binge watching TV? Facebook?

If you haven’t decided yet, get involved with Lent Event and its many options for helping others during this reflective, powerful 40-day period before Easter weekend.

And if you need more help with Lent choices, check out this cool quiz. Sure, it’s waaaaaaay American, but it’s a handy and fun approach to sorting out what you can give up.

But while I have your attention about giving up stuff, have you and I been thinking about the everyday sacrifice that the season of Lent points to?

Give up, every day

It’s fantastic to remember Jesus’s death and resurrection but are we also remembering what Jesus said to us about taking up our cross daily and following him? (Luke 9:23)

He’s not saying we’re all going to be crucified every day, although followers of Jesus may face intense opposition or persecution for their faith. What Jesus reveals in Luke 9 is “if anyone wants to come with Me” – if anyone chooses to believe Jesus is the salvation and glory of God – then they need to also be committed to killing off the way they used to live.

Killing off that way of life which was only about selfish desires and plans, not living selflessly for God and his purposes (as Jesus did). That way of life which is so destructive to you or me, Jesus calls for us to kill it.

Notice Jesus said we should do that “daily”. Not every few weeks or once per year. Every day. He knew our urge would be to return to that old way of life and he warns us to kill it off. Every day, so we can continue to follow boldly in his footsteps.

So, this Lent season, what will you or I give up? And will it be the same thing we should be giving up every day – that way of life which Jesus says should be killed off?

Ben McEachen


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