Good news isn’t hard to find

Good news isn’t hard to find

The Bible Society turns 200 years old on Tuesday 7th March and to celebrate their bicentenary week the Bible Society is giving away free bibles to anyone who yearns to read the good news.

Formed in 1817 the Bible Society is the oldest organisation in Australia and envisions a society were all people have the opportunity to engage with the God’s word through the Bible.

At the national celebratory event last Sunday Eternity News reported that the Bible Society’s CEO, Greg Clarke, said the first step to making this possible was ensuring bibles are in languages that everyone is able to understand and can afford.

There are approximately 7000 languages in the world yet there are only 500 of those languages that have complete bibles.

Greg Clarke said that due to this there was more work to do and there are already people working to translate the Bible into many more languages.

“We thank the translators, the printers… the ones who carried the Bible around by horseback and van, or plane or just by foot and how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news,” said Mr Clarke.

Mr Clarke acknowledged that not all who have come carrying the bible have done good and now is the time to share the message of love, hope, healing and salvation that is found in the Bible.

Technology and apps have also made the Bible more accessible.

Mr Clarke said that this is “taking us closer and closer to fulfilling the Great Commission that every tribe and every nation would be saved in the knowledge of God.”

Worldwide Bible Societies distribute more than 32 million Bibles each year and the Bible is still credited as the world’s best-selling book.


For your free Bible, click here.

Pictured: Bible Society’s CEO, Greg Clarke, at the national celebration of the bible event at Hillsong Church’s Convention Centre.


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