Hit pause for the World Day of Prayer

Hit pause for the World Day of Prayer

Today we come together for the World Day of Prayer to question “Am I Being Unfair to You?”

World Day of Prayer was established in the 1920’s by Christian women in US and Canada to gather women, men and youth for prayer. Its purpose is to highlight issues that affect women and also society as a whole. Each year there is a new theme and host country, with an estimate of 16 million Christians participating in this event over the last six years. This year World Day of Prayer is held in the Philippines where women are subject to various forms of oppression. This includes sex-trafficking, domestic violence and women being viewed as subordinates. Some of these issues affect women worldwide especially domestic violence.

This year’s theme is derived from Matthew 20:1-16 where Jesus tells a parable about the kingdom of heaven. In this parable the landowner gives generously and equally to all workers despite the hours they have worked that day, which elicited strong complaints from some workers.

This theme of giving and questioning can be interpreted in many ways that relate to today’s issues such as climate change and economic equality.

“Am I Being Unfair to You?” is an opening to really take a look at how we treat others and situations as well as the consequences our actions.

For example if I turn a blind eye to the effects of the changing climate or not addressing gender discrimination or just even not calling a friend back because I’m ‘busy’; am I being unfair? And unfair to whom?

This is not about guilt-tripping people but rather calling us to be more aware of this gift of life and opportunity and how we can lift others who have been oppressed so we can together enjoy God’s gift of life and love.

So I put these questions to you:

What happened when you stopped to ask ‘am I being unfair to someone’?

How do you interpret the landowner parable with this year’s prayer theme?


It starts with a conversation and of course a prayer.

For more information on World Day of Prayer and the theme click here.


Melissa Stewart


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