Course to explore perspectives on Jesus

Course to explore perspectives on Jesus

Starting in July, Dr Matt Anslow will teach a unit at United Theological College that explores the person of Jesus from a number of perspectives.

“Jesus the Christ” is our unit at United Theological College that introduces students to Christology,” Dr Anslow said.

“We spend a whole semester digging into what the Scriptures say about Jesus, as well as what Christians have thought and said about Jesus through the churches history.”

“It’s an exciting unit because everyone—lecturers included—is confronted with ideas about Jesus that are new to them and this makes them think differently about their faith and discipleship.”

“Sometimes these ideas come from different contexts in our contemporary world, but sometimes they come from many hundreds of years ago. It’s exhilarating that there are so many different perspectives on Christ that shine light onto who he is and what he means.”

The course will include perspectives of Christ from feminist, Indigenous, Pasifika, and Asian viewpoints, presented by guest lecturers.

“Part of studying Christ is to realise that there is no single perspective on his work and person,” Dr Anslow said.

“I’d argue that every culture has habits of life and thought that make seeing certain aspects of Christ difficult, if not impossible.”

“That’s why we need to hear perspectives that are vastly different from our own; together we are able to see things about Christ that would have otherwise been invisible to us. So the plan is for this course to feature feminist, Indigenous, Pasifika, and Asian perspectives on Jesus. I’m still working on lining up experts to take some of these sessions, but there’ll be a good mix.”

“This course is an introductory course that is available to everyone. Audit options are available for those who just want to participate in the classes without needing to do assignments.”

Jesus the Christ runs at United Theological College on Thursdays, from 13 July to 12 October, 1:45 to 4:35pm. For more information, email or call (02) 8838 8900.


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