A Will: One of the most important decisions

A Will: One of the most important decisions

Recent surveys show that nearly 60 percent of Australians don’t have a Will.

For Include A Charity Week (4-10 September 2023) Mission Australia is calling on Christians to consider including a gift in your will to a charity like Mission Australia – to ensure there’s always a way forward for someone in need.

Mission Australia Executive Chaplaincy Phil Chapman recently updated his Will to protect his family and leave a meaningful contribution.

Mr Chapman said the decision was inspired by his Christian faith.

According to Mr Chapman, he wanted to give back to people in need, so he decided to leave a percentage of his estate to Mission Australia.

“Including Mission Australia in my Will is something I’ve been thinking about for a while,” he said.

“My previous Will didn’t include a gift, but I’ve grown since then, and now I think it’s important to model to my children what’s important to me. I see it as a ‘final tithe’ and a final opportunity to set an example of what is important.  It’s one of the most important decisions a Christian can make. By giving to Mission Australia, it’s a final opportunity to point people to Jesus.”


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