Webinar to share trans and nonbinary Christian experience

Webinar to share trans and nonbinary Christian experience

A webinar held on Thursday, 5 April will explore the experience of transgender and nonbinary people in the church.

Rev. Jospehine Inkpin and Pastor Steff Fenton, will present the webinar.

Rev. Inkpin is the Minister at Pitt Street Uniting Church.

She told Insights that those who attend the webinar could expect, “a lively and informed conversation about faith and trans and gender diverse realities, based on lived experience and relationships with key groups, ideas, and gender diverse people today.”

“In the face of rising controversies about trans and gender diverse people, they will therefore gain greater understanding and light, and be empowered to share constructively in enabling affirming ministry,” Rev. Inkpin said.

“The specific idea comes from Steff – but emerges out of the continuing growing and unnecessary controversies, the emergence of trans and nonbinary Ministers, and the opportunities for renewing the Church that come from affirming the gifts of trans and nonbinary people,” she said.

A “deficit of understanding”

Rev. Inkpin said that there were a number of issues that trans and non-binary Christians continue to face in the church.

“Some of the most pressing issues facing trans and nonbinary Christians relate to the great deficit of understanding,  visibility, and supports within the Churches, and the slowness of Churches to offer support in the face of the growing conservative backlash,” Rev. Inkpin said. 

“Even in more welcoming spaces such as the Uniting Church, language often remains old fashioned or exclusionary, supportive policies and prayerful resources are hard to find, and the ‘T’ in LGBT+ remains largely silent and invisible.”

“Missionally, the Church as a whole will also continue to lose respect and allegiance until it fully celebrates trans and nonbinary people and our gifts.”

“I would like to add that this is another delightful sign of hope from trans and nonbinary Christians who are gradually emerging across the world.  We are part of God’s renewal in our times and a beautiful gift from God’s deep heart of love, fearfully and wonderfully made.”

“I would also very much like to add that Prayer and homily/reflection Resources are also available for downloading and use (in churches and schools and other spaces) for the coming Trans Day of Visibility and the preceding Sunday.”

The ‘Celebrating Trans and Gender Diversity in the Church’ Webinar takes place at 7pm on Thursday 5 April. Registration is available here.


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