Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Named Time Magazine’s Person Of the Year For 2022

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Named Time Magazine’s Person Of the Year For 2022

Every year Time magazine chooses a public figure who has made an impact throughout the year, and nobody has been in the news more this year than Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Both the President and “the spirit of Ukraine” have been recognised as Time’s Person of the Year 2022.

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on 24 February, Mr Zelenskiy has delivered daily speeches followed by Ukrainians and people all over the globe.

The president was awarded the title and the cover of the magazine on Wednesday 7 December 2022.

Time Magazine applauded the way the 44-year-old led his country through the invasion by Russia.

Time’s Editor-in-Chief, Edward Felsenthal, said Zelenskiy’s decision to remain in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv and rally his country “fateful,” and declared this year’s decision was “the most clear-cut in memory”.

“In a world that had come to be defined by its divisiveness, there was a coming together around this cause, around this country that some outside it might not be able to find on a map.”

They added the former actor and comedian, who stayed to defend his country despite international appeals to evacuate and get to a safe haven, used his knowledge of captivating public interest across headlines and social media to help galvanise the country against the ongoing conflict.

“Zelensky has been laser-focused on keeping the world’s eyes on Ukraine,” Felsenthal wrote.

“The former entertainer understood innately that attention is the planet’s most valuable currency and all but cornered the global market.”

The magazine also praised the individuals who helped exemplify the spirit of the nation and those getting involved to help.

He joins a long list of recipients that includes Barack Obama, Greta Thunberg, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and Donald Trump.

The Person of the Year is chosen, for the mark they have made globally, which means that even Adolf Hitler has been on Time’s cover, for all the wrong reasons.


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