The Gospel binds us together

The Gospel binds us together

How can we as the Uniting Church learn from each other, to be a Church that serves the Gospel in changing contexts?

Gospel Yarning is a four-day conference that will look at intercultural evangelism in the Uniting Church. It will also seeks to affirm the centrality of the Gospel in the year of our 40th Anniversary.

Keynote speakers will talk on topics such as:
• What do we understand the Gospel to be?
• How can we learn from each other and discover our calling in the mission of God?
• How do our churches serve the Gospel in changing contexts?

The conference will be held on 15-19 May at the Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta.

The event will include Open Space, plenary and small group sessions. There will be three public events which will include a public celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia on the evening of 19 May.

To register and find the conference schedule click here.


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