Steps of Solidarity

Steps of Solidarity

A group of LGBT Christians and allies gathered on the steps of Pitt Street Uniting Church ahead of the 2023 Transgender Day of Visibility.

They were joined by NSW MLC Alex Greenwich.

The Steps of Solidarity event took place in response to recent attacks on transgender people, and the repeated vandalism Pitt Street’s rainbow steps.

Rev. Dr Josephine Inkpin is the minister at Pitt Street Uniting Church. Rev. Dr Inkpin said that the event was called because, “gender diverse people and queer people of faith are very vulnerable right now.”

 “We are not surprised by current attacks,” she said.

“In fact, we trans people have been warning about them for ages, but typically our concerns have  given little priority-just as our calls not to issue a visa to an UK rabble-rouser could have helped avoid Nazis on the streets of Melbourne.”

Rev. Dr Inkpin called attention to the significance of the gathering’s location: “These steps, and its building behind, are truly powerful.  Make no mistake about that.  That is why they were attacked.  For this church is such a significant symbol of queer faith. Indeed, it has been a fully affirming space for LGBTIQA+ people not for one decade, not for two, not for three, but for four decades.”

“So the attack here represents an attack on the entire queer faith community, and on trans leadership.  For Pitt Street Uniting Church stands at Sydney’s queer religious heart, and we will not be cowed. “

Rev. Dr Inkpin said that “queer liberation will never be achieved until queer people of faith are genuinely empowered – because, until we are, the queer community is fighting its religious foes with one hand tied behind its back.”

“But you only have to walk into this church to see the vibrancy of what we offer, not least in the multi-faith Queer Faces of Faith exhibition.”


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