Second Coming 5 continues divine comedy

Second Coming 5 continues divine comedy

Review: Second Coming Issue 5

Written by Mark Russell, Pencils by Richard Pace, Inks by Leonard Kirk. Cover by Amander Conner

Issue five of Second Coming advances the controversial series’ narrative and produces some food for thought about the nature of human beings and sin.

In this issue, God and Satan sit down to discuss the latter’s banishment on earth and Jesus’ place in everything. Jesus, meanwhile, sits down with a new ragtag group of disciples to further clarify his teaching. All the while, the Superman-analogue Sunstar makes his way to a dictatorship in the hopes of adopting a child.

The depiction of God as an aloof and uncaring parent continues here, which obviously does not go with His biblical depiction.

The issue’s writing remains strong, however, and the interplay between the two intersects effortlessly with the other stories and by the end there is a greater sense of where the series is headed.

Richard Pace’s art in this issue remains top notch, with the superhero sections evoking the late great Mike Weringo, while the parts depicting Jesus and God are of a different style.

As Second Coming continues, the series manages to maintain its consistency in a way that is relatively rare in contemporary comics. While this mini series has a defined end-point, Insights could see an ongoing series working nicely.

Second Coming issue five is available in comic book shops and online at Comixology


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