School of Discipleship 2019 Announced

School of Discipleship 2019 Announced

The date, theme, and keynote speaker for School of Discipleship 2019 have been announced.

School of Discipleship 2019 will run at Naamaroo Conference Centre in North Sydney from 28-30 June 2019.

Rev. Dr Robyn Whitaker will be the keynote lectures, on the subject of Discipleship and the Book of Revelation.

She told Insights that her keynote lecture would deal with some popular misconceptions people have when it comes to Revelation.

“I plan to talk about the book of Revelation and particularly the way it portrays evil. Contrary to a lot of popular belief and misinformation about the apocalypse or end of the world (e.g. antichrist figures), Revelation offers a theology of evil that is corporate, systemic, and communal,” Rev. Dr Whitaker said.

“I think it is a profoundly relevant text for making sense of evil and injustice in the world. People can expect me to be academic in unpacking the text and locating it in its historic first century context, but I will also push them to think about the contemporary implications and what it might mean for ethical Christian living.”

Rev. Dr Whitaker coordinates New Testament Studies at Pilgrim Theological College in Melbourne and is an expert in the book of Revelation and the interpretation of early Christianity and its literature. She has contributed to The Conversation and was previously a keynote speaker at School of Discipleship in 2013.

School of Discipleship is an annual theological conference particularly aimed at tertiary students.

For more information on School of Discipleship 2019, and to save the date for the conference, visit the official Facebook page here.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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