School Chaplaincy

School Chaplaincy

David Pohlmann

School Chaplaincy is a complex and varied form of ministry because it has a different shape in almost every school.  There are few, if any, courses that you can take to learn about it or train in how to do it, and there is certainly a need for a text or guide book to assist those engaging in this vital ministry – especially given that most school chaplains have to learn about it on the job.

Now such a book exists.  ‘School Chaplaincy: An Introduction’ is an excellent resource that all people associated with chaplaincy in schools should read, whether they be chaplains themselves, principals, leaders in schools, school councils or the Church organisations associated or overseeing this form of ministry.

David Pohlmann has drawn together an immensely comprehensive and valuable resource, but in a condensed and extremely accessible format.

In under eighty pages, David presents a great resource for what school chaplaincy is and can be, but also outlines the various models of chaplaincy, practical strategies for carrying out the role and even background into the context in which school chaplaincy occurs.

Each chapter has thought provoking discussion questions and there are case studies with accompanying questions to help people reflect on the issues as they relate to school chaplaincy. This book is a must for all schools with chaplains or who are considering introducing chaplaincy.

It should be mandatory for chaplains and all those who seek to nurture and support school chaplaincy to not only read but to base discussions and reflections that may help their school have a more deliberate and intentional approach to chaplaincy.

Jon Humphries


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3 thoughts on “School Chaplaincy”

  1. At Christian Heritage College ( where I work, students can study chaplaincy at either undergraduate or postgraduate levels, with a chaplaincy major in either the BSocSci or MSocSci gaining professional membership in the Australian Community Work Association (ACWA)for the degree holder. David Pohlmann

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