The Bible


This ten-part series made by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) is nothing if not epic in scale, even if it is a cliff-notes version of the book. The series aims to demonstrate “the epic love story of God for humanity” as Burnett has said when asked about the series. So the series is less about slavishly telling the stories and more about the broad-strokes overview.

By episode six the series starts on the New Testament and focuses on Jesus and His ministry. Though some could have issues about interpretation, its 100 million viewers worldwide would suggest that like his reality TV formats, The Bible is something people wanted to see on their TV screens.

With a special effects budget akin to most feature films, The Bible has feature film production values and excellent performances, including Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel), Burnett’s wife starring as Mary.

A follow-up (or sequel of sorts) is planned on the history of Christianity for next year.

Adrian Drayton


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