Roundup: Arms trade, Papua, Waste Not Want Not, abortion, comfort music

Roundup: Arms trade, Papua, Waste Not Want Not, abortion, comfort music

Churches to play crucial role in regulating international arms trade

Churches have an important role to play in the lead-up to negotiations of a global treaty in 2012 to regulate the conventional arms trade, a World Council of Churches  panel in New York has concluded. Key human rights obligations must be embedded in the treaty and churches should lobby together, on the basis of faith.

Indonesian troops storm Papuan independence rally

At least seven people are feared dead after Indonesian police opened fire on hundreds of West Papuans at an independence rally close to the province’s capital, says Survival International, the NGO which works for the rights of tribal people.

Volunteers look to grow Cowra’s food program

The possibility of a ‘waste not, want not’ food program in Cowra where excess local produce is used to feed those in need was discussed at a meeting with local food hall volunteers last week.

UN states told they must legalise abortion

A hard-hitting report from the UN special rapporteur on health as a human right says all states must provide safe abortion and contraception for women.

The comfort food of Pretzel Logic

Unlike drugs, art, like communion bread, can provide hope in its narrative and its neuroscience. It is this dual chemical and eschatological nature that makes music powerful and healing.


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