Roundup: Same-sex partners, population, climate change, contemporary religion

Roundup: Same-sex partners, population, climate change, contemporary religion

Debating same-sex partnerships and Christianity

In recent years, the relationship between faith and sexuality has been much debated in church and society. I believe such debates can take place without causing unnecessary divisions in local and faith communities. But this requires people to be willing to value and listen to one another and avoid dubious assumptions.

Seven billion

Human demands on the earth have grown enormously, though the atmosphere, the oceans and the continents are no bigger now than they were when humans evolved. Already, more than a billion people live without an adequate, renewable supply of fresh water.

Asia, Africa megacities top climate change risk survey

Rapidly growing megacities in Africa and Asia face the highest risks from rising sea levels, floods and other climate change impacts, says a global survey aimed at guiding city planners and investors.

Religion in the 21st century

The deinstitutionalisation of religion in liberal societies has led to cut-throat competition which has shifted religions from price-makers to price-takers. Religion has been cut free from its cultural base and now floats freely, as bite-size memes that anyone can download from the cloud when they feel like it and assemble for themselves.


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