Plant yourself in your neighbourhood

Plant yourself in your neighbourhood

Running from 14 February to 31 December 2024, the Missional Leadership Hub is an opportunity for church leaders to further explore what it means to be involved in mission, and to receive coaching.

Rev. Dr Katrina Kreminski is a Mission Coaching Consultant.

“The Hub is now entering its fourth year,” she said.

“It is a challenging and encouraging space where people can share their thoughts about leadership, mission and the kingdom of God.”

“We ask ourselves, “What does the church look like today? What Does God want us to do as leaders? What is the mission of God? How do we face and work in a context of church decline? What does it mean to be missional?””

According to Rev. Dr  Kraminski, the Missional Leadership Hub would suit, “People who are engaged in ministry and might be feeling frustrated by usual forms of church who are wanting to listen to their neighbourhoods and see where God is at work.”

“This is helpful for lay leaders as well as ministers and council members to apply a missional theology,” she said.

“The coaching is a real support for people who want a space to explore their struggles and application of missional thinking.”

“There is an emphasis on blended ecology, developing leaders, and growth. We look at each of these issues. What does it mean to develop leaders today that are fit for God’s mission? What does a blended ecology mean? What kinds of churches are suitable for today in our post-Christian world? Is there room for creative expressions of church?   What happens when your church does not grow?”

The Leadership Hub starts with a face-to-face day together in Sydney on 17 February. This will be followed by 10 monthly Zoom sessions, alternating between content and coaching.  

Content topics include The Mission of God, The Kingdom of God, Shalom, Cultural Exegesis, Community Organising, Pioneering, Church Planning, and What it Means to be Missional.

The Missional Leadership Hub runs online and face-to-face from 17 February to 31 December 2024.
For more information, and to register, visit the Missional Leadership site here.


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