Embracing Advent Practices for a More Meaningful December

Embracing Advent Practices for a More Meaningful December

Confession time: as December approaches, a sense of panic often creeps in. The to-do list seems endless, and amidst the hustle, the joy of the season can get lost. Interestingly, historically, December wasn’t about festivities but fasting, reflection, and preparation. Advent, the four weeks leading to Christmas, was a time set aside by Christians to ready their hearts and minds for the joyous holiday season.

While the popular saying is “we all need a little Christmas,” what many of us might need is a generous dose of Advent.

Is it possible to opt out of the December rush for a more contemplative Advent?

Adding more activities might not be the solution; after all, none of us need more on our plates. If you’re searching for ways to integrate the practice of Advent into your already busy schedule, you’re not alone.

Here are a few suggestions to peacefully observe Advent amidst the holiday chaos.

Acknowledge the “Reason for the Season”

Embrace the reality that this time of year brings both light and darkness. Reflect on the year, acknowledging the challenges. Grant yourself the time to be honest with yourself and with God. Reconnect to the story of Jesus birth by spending time re-reading the journey of Mary and Joseph.


Amidst the hectic season, take a moment to light candles or plug in the tree. Reflect on the profound significance of light, even in its smallest form. Recognize and appreciate the traces of “light” in your own life amid the darkness.


Recognise that serving others is crucial during this season. If time is limited, consider contributing to a local gift drive. If time is abundant, volunteer at a Christmas event or extend a simple greeting to a neighbour. And if both time and money are scarce, remember that the efforts you put into your family and friends are also acts of service.

Practice Hospitality

Extend an invitation to someone you’ve been meaning to connect with. Adding a few more plates and chairs won’t burden you much, but it could mean the world to the person you invite.


Consider simplifying your December by observing a fast. It doesn’t have to be from food – it could be from coffee, chocolate, or even a brief media fast. Embrace the spirit of Advent by simplifying your life during this bustling month.

Listen to Music

Amidst the festive tunes, occasionally choose an album that reflects on Advent. Music can serve as a peaceful haven in the midst of December chaos.


When December 25 arrives, take the time to celebrate. Resist the urge to dismantle the decorations immediately; instead, relish in the quieter days that close out the year by keeping them up for the full 12 days of Christmas.

In embracing these Advent practices, let’s shift our focus slightly and allow Advent to rescue us from the December panic this year so we can focus on the birth of our Saviour.


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