A new direction for Treasury and Investment Services

A new direction for Treasury and Investment Services

As Treasury and Investment Services (TIS) continues to evolve along with the Church entities it serves, we spoke to newly appointed TIS Director, Luke Lee, about his vision for the Synod’s advisory arm.

The challenge of managing finances can be daunting for many religious organisations, which need to generate income to continue their day-to-day operations, while also planning for the future and resourcing missional activities.

Within the Uniting Church Synod of NSW and ACT, TIS plays a key role in advising the Synod and related entities on overall investment, borrowing, liquidity, financial risk, return and risk-adjusted capital allocation – work it has been carrying out for decades. Yet as the Synod has continued to evolve to ensure a contemporary, courageous and growing Church, so too is TIS evolving to assist the Synod in meeting its vision.

In November, it was announced that TIS Management and Advisory activities would be delivered by the TIS Management Committee, reporting through to the General Secretary and to the Synod Board. Previously these activities were delivered by the Uniting Financial Services (UFS) Leadership team, reporting to the UCTAL Board.

Commenting on the new reporting structure, Luke Lee, who was recently appointed as Director of TIS said, “This change will allow the TIS to support the General Secretary and Synod Board to make decisions based on a whole of Synod approach. TIS is constituted as a management committee, bringing together the senior members of UFS, allowing the advice provided by TIS to have the benefit of the significant expertise and experience of these experts in their respective fields.”

Mr Lee said the key focus of the new-look TIS will be the Future Directions Resourcing Strategy. Meeting these resourcing needs will require a collaborative approach to identifying opportunities to release capital, as well as generating ongoing annuity income to fund mission and operational requirements across the Synod.

“People, Programs, Finance and Property are the four commitments expressed in the Future Directions Resourcing Framework and TIS is committed to ensuring that each of these commitments are fulfilled,” Mr Lee said.

A partnership from the outset

Mr Lee brings to his new role a range of perspectives, having spent seven years with Uniting Financial Services, in the role of Senior Portfolio and Credit Risk Manager. In July 2020 he returned to serve the UCA Synod of NSW & ACT in the capacity of Director, Strategic Property before taking up the role of TIS Director.

“What I most enjoy about working for the Synod is having the opportunity to live out my faith and calling, to impact and make a difference in the Kingdom,” he said.

“I can see the enormous potential for the Uniting Synod of NSW and ACT to make a difference in the world we live in.”

“All of our members across the Synod have such a heart and faith for God’s mission, all are great disciples who express and represent the diversity of God’s creation. The UCA is unique in its ability to hold that diversity in such an interconciliar way.”

Mr Lee would like to see TIS partner with Churches right from the beginning of the discernment process, when thinking about their future mission field.

“In five years’ time, I hope that the Synod will have planted in new mission fields and be reaping the harvest of its courage and faithfulness. TIS is only a facilitator and partner in the mission work expressed through our Congregations and Church councils. Our role is to encourage, facilitate and partner across the whole of Synod to help support its mission and calling,” he said.


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