Paperback edition of the Bonhoeffer handbook makes title more affordable

Paperback edition of the Bonhoeffer handbook makes title more affordable

A new paperback edition of The Oxford Handbook of Dietrich Bonhoeffer rereleases the book in a more affordable version, ahead of the XIV Bonhoeffer Congress.

Michael Mawson is a Bonhoeffer scholar based in New Zealand. He previously lectured at United Theological College.

Dr Mawson co-edited the volume with Phillip Ziegler.

“We worked on it for about four years and gathered 33 leading theologians, biblical scholars and historians to contribute to it,” he recalled.

“It covers all aspects of Bonhoeffer’s life and theology, with a number of essays devoted to Bonhoeffer studies, resources and scholarship.  It’s the most comprehensive reference work on Dietrich Bonhoeffer to date.”

Dr Mawson told Insights the idea for a paperback was his.

“The volume has had terrific reviews and sales since its publication in hardback in 2019.  We approached the publisher earlier in the year to ask about whether it might be moved to paperback to make it more affordable.  OUP agreed immediately.”

He said he hoped the paperback edition would prove to be helpful for a new audience.

“Bonhoeffer is figure who continues to inspire scholars and activists around the world,” Dr Mawson said.

“Especially in contexts of oppression and struggle. Many people have found his theology useful for their own contexts and challenges.  The Bonhoeffer Congress will display some of the creative and rich scholarship that thinks with and beyond Bonhoeffer.”


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