News round-up: November 6

News round-up: November 6

Katy Perry sang in a Christian rock band?

Because the internet is a virtually bottomless resource of, you know, stuff, a US TV clip featuring pop megastar Katy Perry was recently rediscovered by someone somewhere. Filmed years before she became an international hit, the clip seems to show Perry singing back-up for Christian nu-metal band P.O.D. While a member of the band has since explained what Perry is doing during P.O.D.’s Goodbye for Now performance, this online relic might cause many to learn of Perry’s Christian background. The daughter of a minister, Perry began her singing career in the Christian music market — under her birth name of Katy Hudson.



Tony Abbott was victim of bigotry for his beliefs

Many people have accused former prime minister Tony Abbott of pushing policies and viewpoints that they believed to be bigotry. But Attorney-General George Brandis has this week made the strong claims that Mr Abbott was himself the victim of personal attacks against his Christian-based beliefs. “The incessant, smearing ridicule of the former prime minister, Mr Abbott, on account of his religious faith, was bigotry at its most shameful — made worse, if that is possible, by the added hypocrisy of the fact that many of those very same people like to pose as the enemies of bigotry,” Mr Brandis said at the Australian Human Rights Commission’s religious freedom roundtable.



Survey reveals ‘Jesus is not real’

The Church of England has polled more than 4000 British people about their thoughts on Christianity. While almost 60 per cent aligned themselves with the Christian faith, four out of ten people believed Jesus did not exist.



Everyone is a theologian

Theology is the big word that refers to studying and trying to understand the many things of God. Such a vital, valuable subject can intimidate many people, including Christians, who believe that only academics are able to “do” theology. But an American author has written a cool article about “everyday” theologians, as she reminds Christians that the realm of grasping hold of God-related things is the realm of us all.






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