New podcast to highlight forgotten veterans

New podcast to highlight forgotten veterans

A new podcast series reveals new details about the conditions forgotten veterans experienced during World War Two.

The veterans shared their stories with My Life At War, a new six-part podcast series. These valuable stories will disappear with these courageous veterans and so the last year has been spent collecting their stories for this six-part podcast.

To recognise and give voice to our unsung heroes, Uniting has created an inspiring podcast series featuring interviews from veterans, most of whom are currently living in Uniting residential aged care facilities such as Uniting Amala Gordon, Illowra, Garrison, Hawksbury Village, Wirreandra and Springwood.

Over six weeks, the My Life at War podcast series features veterans sharing their experiences from the time the war was declared, through conflicts abroad and on our shores and life after the guns fell silent. 

Stories include the signals operator who first heard Japanese midget submarines off Sydney, the 15- year-old who falsified his age to get into the Air Force, Australia’s first Indigenous Air Force pilot and the female veterans who faced discrimination on ANZAC Day immediately after the war.

Tracey Burton is Uniting NSW.ACT’s Executive Director.

“In a year when our elders are enduring a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to remember how incredibly valuable they are to our community,” she said.

The series also highlights the role women played in the war.

David Wilson is a military historian.

“As the war progressed, more and more women stepped up to take the places of men serving overseas. They served in all branches of the military, in civilian organisations, industry and agriculture.”

“Women kept the nation ticking over during these years.”

The podcast follows the veterans’ experiences from the time that the war was declared in 1939 to the end of the war.

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How to listen to My Life at War

The easiest way is to click on episode one below – available on 9 November 2020.   
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