Love, Rinse, Repeat: Brexit and theology

Love, Rinse, Repeat: Brexit and theology

Theologising Brexit is “a provocative challenge to confront the rising tide of xenophobia and the paucity or any prophetic response to Brexit from church leaders in the United Kingdom.”    

Liam Miller sat down with Professor Anthony G. Reddie to talk about his book Theologising Brexit: a Liberationist and Postcolonial Critique (Routledge 2019).

In this latest episide of Love, Rinse, Repeat Liam discusses what lay beneath the Brexit vote – unexamined colonial attitudes of exceptionalism, the legacy of Imperial Christian ecclesiology and missiology, the scourge of White supremacy, entitlement and privilege. Liam asks Prof. Reddie about writing theology that is “polemical and subjective”, what drew him to Black Liberation Theology, the array of tools he employs to help people grapple with race, history, and privilege, wrestling with the Bible in churches, and the treatment of the Windrush generation and assumptions about who gets to be a ‘British Christian’. They cover a lot in this latest episode for Insights!

Anthony G. Reddie is Professor Extraordinarius in the Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systemic Theology at the University of South Africa. He was recently appointed the Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture. He is leading scholar in the field of Black Theology; editor of Black Theology journal, and the author of over 70 essays and articles on Christian Education and Black Theology, and the author or editor of 18 books including Working Against The Grain: Re-imaging Black Theology in the 21st Century, Black Theology In Transatlantic Dialogue, Dramatizing Theologies: A Participative Approach To Black God Talk, and, the focus of our conversation today, Theologising Brexit: A Liberationist and Postcolonial Critique (out now with Routledge). 

Find out more about Anthony on his website.

Follow Anthony on Twitter: @AnthonyGReddie

Liam Miller is the Northern Hub Mission Resource Worker for the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery.


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