Kidney health red socks run returns

Kidney health red socks run returns

The Red Socks Run starts on Saturday, 1 October and Kidney Health Australia is encouraging people to sign up for the free virtual challenge to run, walk, or ride 60 kilometres over the month of October to combat kidney disease.

Participants can do the Red Socks Run at their own time and place and sign up as an individual or as part of a team.

Chris Forbes is Kidney Health Australia’s Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Forbes said the Red Socks Run 60km challenge was inspired by people living with kidney failure who require life-saving dialysis.

“There are more than 27,000 Australians living with kidney failure and over half of those need dialysis treatment to survive,” he explained.

“On average they spend 60 hours per month strapped to a machine to clean their blood.”

Kidney Health Australia is determined to prevent more people reaching kidney failure and enduring a lifetime on dialysis. With 1.5 million Australians unaware they have the early signs of the disease, the Red Socks Run also aims to raise vital awareness.

“The shocking fact about kidney disease is that a person can lose up to 90 percent of kidney function before any symptoms are apparent,” Mr Forbes said.

“A person could be relatively fine one day and the next they could be in hospital facing a life sentence of continuous dialysis or on a transplant list, waiting for a suitable kidney donor.”

On average, 63 Australians will die every day from kidney-related disease. There is currently no known cure for it.

The Red Socks Run helps to fund life-changing treatments and vital support services for those living with the disease.

“You can run, walk or ride 60km over the month of October or choose your own goal. No matter how far you walk, run or ride, every kilometre will help someone whose life has been turned upside down by a kidney disease diagnosis.”

Turn your good health into the support that can save a life by signing up to the Red Sock Socks Run and buying a pair of limited-edition Red Socks to wear proudly throughout October.

To find out more and sign up for the Kidney Health Red Socks Run, visit the event website .


2 thoughts on “Kidney health red socks run returns”

  1. Hi Jonathan, thank you for raising awareness of kidney disease and the Red Socks Run during October. I will be giving the Run a go. My family benefitted greatly from the medical miracle of transplantation. My two brothers and I inherited polycystic kidney disease from our mother. Both had ‘perfect match’ kidney transplants – my elder brother received his graft from a deceased donor and my twin brother’s kidney was a gift from our sister. When my kidneys failed in 1996 I started home haemodialysis. Each dialysis session took 7 hours including setting up and coming off the machine. Dialysing three times a week in isolation at home in the evening was tough but necessary so I could keep on working full-time. After four years I received the phone call offering me a kidney transplant. There was much rejoicing by my colleagues in the UCA assembly office that day! That was 22 years ago and I’m doing well.

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