Experience The Greatest Story Ever Zoomed

Experience The Greatest Story Ever Zoomed

On Thursday, 3 December, those looking for a chance to see the nativity as it has never been presented before will have the chance to see The Greatest Story Ever Zoomed.

This satirical nativity play is part of a longer-running tradition for the congregation at Leichardt Uniting Church.

Rev. Adrian Sukumar-White is one of Leichardt Uniting Church’s ministers. He told Insights that viewers could expect, “[A] light-hearted take on the nativity story, incorporating contemporary themes and issues.”

“As we couldn’t put on our usual performance, we thought about what we could do instead, and ended up asking ourselves the question – how would the nativity story have happened in a time of pandemic (and where video conferencing was a reality?” he said.

“From there, we thought a four-part series of short episodes could be a fun alternative that could be shared with a wider audience.”

“The intention is to have some fun with the nativity stories, and particularly to poke fun at some of the Zoom experiences that most (if not all) of us have had during this year.”

Rev. Sukumar-White said he hoped people, “get as much enjoyment out of watching them as we have making them,”

“Fans of the musical “Hamilton” might want to particularly tune in to Episode four on Christmas eve (or perhaps not).”

Part one of The Greatest Story ever Zoomed can be accessed on Leichhardt Uniting Church’s Facebook page on Thursday, 3 December at 7:30pm.


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