Crucifixion march speaks to the heart of the city

Crucifixion march speaks to the heart of the city

Wesley Mission made hundreds of onlookers, including tourists, shoppers and city hotel workers, think about the significance of Good Friday as Jesus’ trial and walk to the cross was re-enacted on the streets of Sydney today.

Paul Cattanach, 29, a member of one of Wesley Mission’s many congregations was bloodied and beaten and then forced to carry a solid hardwood cross from the Martin Place amphitheatre to the Wesley Centre.

Modern-day Roman soldiers looking like fierce and intimidating security guards harassed and heckled Jesus as he headed along Pitt Street.

Mr Cattanach was said the Gospel account was relevant.

“I wanted to make the character real so people could relate to Jesus not just me,” he said.

Wesley Mission Superintendent the Rev. Dr Keith Garner told Australian Associated Press that the event spoke deeply to those who were watching and following the procession.

“Wesley Mission has always been committed to the poor and the marginalised,” he said.

“We recognise that at the heart of the Christian faith there is a sense that we should be looking out towards other people.

“We hope that Good Friday will remind us what life is really about.”

The crucifixion crowd surged up Pitt Street to the Wesley Centre where it shared in a Good Friday service in the 1000-seat Wesley Theatre.

Earlier in the day Dr Garner told Terry Willesee and Susanne Latimore on Sky News that at the heart of Easter was the gift of God.

“It’s important we don’t lose the message of Easter… and get it crowded out by other things,” Dr Garner said.

The crucifixion is a profound event in a world of personal and political conflict.

“At three o’clock on Good Friday they crucified Christ. And while we’re shouting at each other they were shouting at Christ,” Dr Garner said.

“The message of hope is an empty tomb.”


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