What is worship?

What is worship?

A course running at UTC from 2 March will explore the notion that human beings were created to worship and glorify God.

Rev. Dr Ockert Meyer will teach the course.

“This is an introductory course to Christian Worship,” he said.  

“It provides insight into both the Jewish and early Christian roots of worship, why it has always played such a central role in the formation, identity and ongoing life of Christian communities, what weekly worship is all about (purpose of it), the relationship between worship, life and justice, the most important liturgical elements that have constituted worship right from the beginning, the role of music in worship, contextuality and creativity in worship and perhaps most important, the course guides the participants in the art of drafting a liturgy for worship.”

“In other words, and in short, the course enables and empowers people to understand what worship is all about and gives them the tools to draft a service and lead worship.”

According to Rev. Dr Meyer, the course would be a good fit for, “Any candidate for ministry, lay worship leaders and those involved and interested in the worship of the church. In the last few years, we have had students from a wide denominational range, people on worship committees who were trying to get deeper insight into the different aspects of worship and people with a passion for creative liturgical expressions.”

“I think it is true that most Christians in the UCA have experienced worship since their earliest memories but have participated in it without necessarily understanding the what and why of all the different liturgical elements. This, I think, is the crucial thing: one’s participation, engagement, enjoyment and understanding are immensely enriched the moment you understand the purpose and role of each liturgical element and how it fits into the whole.”

The subject will be available as part of a degree, or for single-unit study. It is available for audit.

THL 115: Christian Worship runs from 2 March to 1 June 2022, at United Theological College or via Zoom.

For more information, visit United Theological College’s official website.


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