Wesley Castle Hill strengthening community connections

Wesley Castle Hill strengthening community connections

In July, five members from Wesley Castle Hill Uniting, Rev’s Greg Woolnough and Karen Mitchell-Lambert with Dennis Hall, Terry Lloyd and Allan Gibson joined Rev Garry Derkenne, Chaplain, Uniting Communities and Magnus Linder, CEO, Churches Housing in a meeting with Mr Ray Williams MP, Member for Castle Hill.

The meeting was part of a broader advocacy supported by the Uniting Church Synod of NSW and the ACT to both highlight the issue of affordable housing and present the concept of inclusionary zoning. Affordable housing is distinct from ‘social housing’.

The meeting with Mr Williams was cordial and each member of the joint team contributed to the discussion. The local member was receptive to the request that he convey the desire of the Uniting Church and other affiliated groups for the NSW State Government to consider and address the need for changes in zoning through legislation. He indicated that his parliamentary colleague, Mr Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning would be appraised of our suggestions.

At Mr Williams’ request the Rev. Woolnough submitted a post-meeting summary of the issue and the church’s view.

The engagement with our local member is one of the ways Wesley Castle Hill is developing its community connections. As this matter progresses the congregation with be kept informed.

(Pictured) Mr Ray Williams MP, Member for Castle Hill (3rd from left) with Terry Lloyd, Rev Greg Woolnough, Dennis Hall, Rev Karen Mitchell-Lambert, Magnus Linder (back), Allan Gibson and Rev Garry Derkenne.

Allan Gibson


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