Uniting Creative performs ‘Transforming Spirit’ at Synod 2023

Uniting Creative performs ‘Transforming Spirit’ at Synod 2023

The Uniting Creative team took centre stage at Synod 2023 as they performed songs from their brand-new album, ‘Transforming Spirit,’ for the very first time.

The ‘Transforming Spirit’ album is a musical project by Uniting Creative featuring songs of worship that the Uniting Church can use for future events and services. It represents their debut album, highlighting their artistic talents.

Uniting Creative team played as a part of the worship team, contributing their talented production to both the opening, and closing worship sessions.

During the Synod Expo, attendees had the opportunity to listen, connect, and access the online platform for music, videos, and sheet music by simply scanning the QR codes located on cards available throughout the expo

The Brilliance

The presence of guest artists, The Brilliance will also be known.

The Brilliance, a visionary duo known for their thought-provoking and spiritually uplifting compositions. The team is made up of David Gungor and John Arndt. David Gungor from The Brilliance has been a great inspiration and support to creative leaders during the challenging times of the pandemic.  Mentoring his own creative collective in New York [Good Shepard Collective] David, has been able to share his experiences and advice along the way.

“In October at the launch, we look forward to connecting, celebrating, and strengthening partnerships across creativity and music development.”

“Collaborations and interactions within the creative community will lead to new ideas, innovative projects, and a deeper sense of connection.” Uniting Creative Project Facilitator Tash Holmes said.

The Brilliance Songwriters Workshop

The musicians and songwriters David Gungor and John Arndt will help explore different approaches to using creativity and imagination in their context. These approaches will help everyone curate and create meaningful experiences for the congregation of the attendees. David Gungor will also be sharing valuable insights, techniques, and personal anecdotes from their artistic journey.

This workshop is for anyone involved with the planning and execution of worship gatherings including musicians, speakers, artists, etc. This workshop is not focused on one style of music or worship, but rather encourages leaders to think more creatively about their practice.

Album Launch on October 14th

Uniting Creative prepares for the official launch of ‘Transforming Spirit’ on October 14th. The launch will take place at the chapel at the Centre for Ministry in North Parramatta 6.30pm onwards.

For more information about Uniting Creative’s ‘Transforming Spirit’ album launch and to purchase tickets, please visit the website here.

The workshop will also take place in Centre for Ministry, North Parramatta prior to the album launch from 2pm to 4pm. Register here.


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