Synod elects new standing committee

Synod elects new standing committee

The Synod meeting has elected a new standing committee.

The Synod Standing Committee is the ‘Synod between meetings.’

Ian Lawrence reported the ballot results.

Membership of Synod Standing Committee 2023

Rev. Amanda Hay will be the chair of ACOMP.

Moderator: Rev Mata Havea-Hiliau

ex-Moderator: Rev Simon Hansford

General Secretary: Rev Jane Fry

Ex-Officio: Rev. John Barker, Heather Watson, Michael Anderson

Elected Synod 2021 (Serving Second term): Rev Simon Lee, Denise Wood

Elected Synod 2023 (for two terms): Rev Pablo Nunez, Rev Radhika Sukumar-White, Craig Corby, Rohan Salmond

Elected Synod 2023 (for one term): Rev Raymond Joso, Rev Sally Yabsley-Bell, Barbara Moore, Ross Johnson, Trish Bevan, Kiteau Funaki

The Synod Standing Committee includes representatives from seven cultures and eight presbyteries.

“From my view from looking at numbers, it looks balanced,” Rev. Lawrence said.

The Synod Standing Committee’s membership has a number of requirements. These include members including a minimum one third male and one third female.

Moderator Rev. Faaimata Havea Hiliau thanked the outgoing Synod Standing Committee members.

“We thank you for your commitment,” she said.


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