Synod accepts regulation proposal

Synod accepts regulation proposal

A proposal regarding the Synod’s oversight and the Synod Board has been adopted by the Synod meeting.

The proposal was introduced by Rev. John Squires and Rev. Grant Bilbey.

According to Rev. Bilbey, while the proposal primarily regarded the Synod’s regulations, “it is about more than that.”

“It is a proposal to assist us in our responsibility,” he said.

“I am aware that the Synod Standing Committee is a Synod Meeting between meetings.

However, he added that the Synod Standing Committee did not do certain things, such as elect a moderator or appoint a new General Secretary, “Those decisions are made by the Synod in council,” he said.

Rev. Bilbey said the proposal was “To give the Synod Standing Committee to give oversight and improve transparency…noting that there are some things that are by their nature, confidential.”

Rev. Squires said that the proposal emerged from, “discussions that have taken place since the 2021 Synod.”

Among other things, the proposal concerned the formation of the Synod board, the composition of that Synod board, a review of the Synod Board which is proposed, reporting of the Synod board to the Synod in session, and removing the situation where the Synod Standing Committee makes decisions about bylaws about the Synod Standing Committee itself.

The Proposal called for terms of reference, for a report to the next Synod in session, some rationale for the current synod board, establishment of reporting from the Synod board to the next synod meeting. The next Synod meeting will consider bylaws regarding the Synod standing committee.

The proposal was accepted by consensus.


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