Tuggeranong to run a service a day during Holy Week

Tuggeranong to run a service a day during Holy Week

Tuggeranong Uniting Church will be hosting a service every day during Holy Week 2021.

James Ellis is an elder at Tuggeranong Uniting Church, and deputy chair of the church’s council. He said that

“Last Lent and Easter, the activities and services we’ve been used to seeing suddenly either disappeared or were relegated to online platforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic which was rapidly increasing,” Mr Ellis said.

“As a way of trying to remain true to the meaning and journey of Lent, Rev. Elizabeth Raine encouraged her congregation to create ‘sacred spaces’ within their homes.”

“Tuggeranong Uniting Church, energised by a commitment to doing new things and exploring the various traditions of the church, will be creating a ‘sacred space’ in their church building for each day of ‘Holy Week’. Holy Week is the period leading up to Easter, starting with Palm Sunday and culminating with Easter Day. This year, Tuggeranong congregation will have a service every day of Holy Week to sit with and reflect on the journey to the cross and the resurrection.”

Rev. Dr Elizabeth Raine is Tuggeranong Uniting Church’s minster. She told Insights that the eight services will provide a full week’s worth of reflection on the meaning of Easter.

“It is easy to see the resurrection as just about a miraculous event that happened long ago, a promise that ensures we go to heaven,” Rev. Dr Raine said.

“But the resurrection is about far more than this. It’s about the promise of God’s life being available to us both now and forever. It is a call for us to follow Christ by becoming life-givers and agents of resurrection in our families, communities and our world.”

“For many of us, we see weekly Sunday morning as the focus of our worship. This Easter, be a daily Christian, and journey with Jesus throughout the whole of Holy Week.

Holy week services

The week begins with the noise and spectacle of the triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This will be an intergenerational service, with active participation of the children of the congregation and the Girl’s Brigade.

On Monday 29, Tuesday 30, and Wednesday 31 March, the church will spend time reflecting and remembering the last week of Jesus’ life on this earth and the events that led to His crucifixion. These will be short reflective services, beginning at 6pm every day.

Maundy Thursday recounts the disciples and Jesus celebrating the Jewish feast of Passover. The Maundy Thursday service will be held a on 1 April at 7pm. 

The Good Friday service will reflect on the suffering and death of Jesus. The Good Friday service takes place on 2 April at 9:30 am.

On Holy Saturday, Tuggeranong Uniting Church will host a vigil, to mark the expectant, waiting and watching for Jesus’ rising. This late-night vigil will start at 11pm and will be rich in symbolism and try to find to balance between the silent waiting and expectant hope.

The week finishes on the highlight of the resurrection of Jesus. The Easter Sunday service will be on 4 April at 9:30 am.

All of these services will be held at the church. Tuggeranong Uniting Church aims to also stream all of them via Zoom.

For more information on Tuggeranong Uniting Church, and to register for their services, visit their official website.


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