Thursdays Together resumes after COVID-19 pause

Thursdays Together resumes after COVID-19 pause

Operating out of Bondi’s Church in the Market Place (CMP), ‘Thursdays Together’ is a chance for people with various forms of mental, developmental, or social struggles to gather for fellowship.

The group meets from 4:30 to 6pm on Thursday afternoons in CMP’S café lounge for a chat about life and faith, finishing with a meal.

The group had been meeting for some time, but as with many ministries, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that this could not continue throughout 2020. The ministry recently resumed for 2021.

Insights spoke to CMP’s Minister, Rev. Peter Chapman about the ministry resuming.

According to Rev. Chapman, “When I arrived at CMP, there was some questioning the program’s worth, but on reflection we felt it was a key way for CMP to serve its community.

“It’s hands on and Christ-like, and has very real everyday tangible benefits for all involved,” Rev. Chapman said. 

“One of the issues in the Eastern suburbs that struck me upon my arrival was the large number of people struggling with various mental health issues as well as developmental challenges who were in need of genuine fellowship – this group hopes to meet that need.” 

“We are very thankful to the wonderful folk at ‘Rupert Kitchen’ who operate their catering business out the CMP premises and who provide us with a magnificent meal to conclude our time together each week.”

Thursdays together meets from 4:30 to 6pm on Thursday afternoons in the café lounge at Church in the Marketplace (eastern end of Oxford St Mall in Bondi Junction). For more information, contact Rev. Peter Chapman on 043 999 1980.


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