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Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the arrogant would-be king, who gets into a spot of bother before being cast out of Director Kenneth Branagh’s world of Asgard.

He is stripped of his powers and sent to Earth to learn humility and, boy, does he have some learning to do.

Jane (Natalie Portman) takes up the challenge as the “real” world, the old comic book stories and the reality of Asgard collide.

Thor also has some “saving the planet” to do as the family tiff from Asgard spills over to Earth.

It’s all action and a special effects extravaganza of the highest order accompanies Thor’s journey to redemption.

Those familiar with the comic genre will like this film and its grand themes. Me, I’m still stuck on the fact that Asgard is an Australian superannuation company.

Dave Cornford


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