Roundup: Famine, climate change, being evangelical, Tutu, Global Christian Forum, racism, economics

Roundup: Famine, climate change, being evangelical, Tutu, Global Christian Forum, racism, economics

Churches challenged over economic ethics as crisis continues

When the world is plagued by serious economic crisis, churches fail in their mission if they do not address economic issues seriously, an advocate of “economic ethics” has warned.

Reformed churches renew commitment against ‘sin of racism’

Some 80 million Reformed Christians across the world have been marking the 25th anniversary of a historic declaration that racism is a sin.

Hope in Christ is answer to the challenges of churches, says WCC moderator

Responding to the changing ecclesial landscape and challenges facing churches today “our hope grounded in Christ is the means through which to address them,” the Rev. Dr Walter Altmann, moderator of the World Council of Churches Central Committee, told a group of 300 delegates at the Global Christian Forum meeting in Indonesia.

Even retired, Archbishop Tutu still acts as conscience of South Africa

Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu might seek to turn off the spotlight that has shone on him for the past three decades, but as he approaches his 80th birthday Oct. 7, he has not been able to withdraw from public life completely.

What’s an evangelical?

Being an Evangelical Christian means accepting grace and being honest about your faith with others.

China climate goals run against growth: report

China, the world’s biggest carbon dioxide emitter, will meet near-term goals to fight climate change but quick economic growth will mean C02 emissions will be higher than previously thought.

The F word

What’s more obscene? Thirty-thousand children dead in Somalia in three months? Or the world standing by and letting it happen?


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