Interactive Faith

Interactive Faith

Bud Heckman & Rori Picker Neiss (eds), Skylight Paths

In a time when the diversity and plurality of religion and faith is increasing in Australia, this book provides a timely and comprehensive resource for those contemplating building community between people of different faiths.

Interactive Faith provides not only suggestions and guidance for creating interfaith ceremonies and services but also takes readers into the deeper issues of what is interfaith dialogue, why it is important, what are the major faith traditions and what potential pitfalls and what common errors are made when attempting to build bridges in a community between different faith traditions.

There are several models presented in the book regarding building bridges through art which tell the story of actual interfaith projects. These present the good and the difficult in connecting with different faith communities.

This is a really practical resource with a useful reference section to complement the theory.

Whether it be for the congregations seeking to build goodwill in multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith communities or places like schools with students and families from diverse religious backgrounds, this is a helpful starting point in what is a complex but rewarding journey.

Jon Humphries


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