The Everything in Common Gift Catalogue

The Everything in Common Gift Catalogue

Sight to the blind, freedom for captives, good news to the poor this Christmas.

UnitingWorld has launched the Everything in Common Gift Catalogue, a chance to give sight to the blind, freedom for captives and good news to the poor this Christmas.

The catalogue contains gifts that support the ministry of Uniting Church Partners beyond Australia in the areas of relief and development, peacemaking, church solidarity and experience volunteers.

For the same amount someone might spend on a conventional gift, supporting those projects will allow children to attend school, communities in conflict to talk peace, ministry skills to be shared, families in crisis to reconnect with one another, and water-born disease to be minimised.

In 2012, more people will die from diseases caused by overconsumption — in all its forms — than from poverty. In choosing a gift from the catalogue, people choose to say “no” to a society that applauds excess.

Instead, in a Uniting Church way, they stand alongside those who believe that Jesus modelled an alternative community based on simplicity, generosity and inclusion.

Gift giving is easier than ever this year, with a revamped catalogue website and a Facebook Mini Shop reflecting a quick-flick version of the catalogue, highlighting some well-known favourites at $10, $20, $35 and $50 price points.

Featured gifts include the ever-popular “Fatten a Pig” that provides income generation for families in West Papua and rural Bali and the gift of a school uniform that enables a child from Fiji squatter settlements to attend school.

On receipt of an order, attractively presented gift cards related to the gifts ordered will be sent in the mail.

Supporters can purchase individual gifts and/or run an Everything In Common Gift Stall. All it takes is one enthusiastic coordinator from a congregation, who can take receipt of a kit of catalogues, posters and purchase coupons.

Church members are invited to purchase a gift and will receive a copy of a card to give their loved ones, on the spot.

See the gift stall website or contact Erica Harrison on 02 8267 4449  for more details.

Gifts to Relief and Development and Peacemaking Programs are Tax Deductible.

You can request additional copies of the catalogue or you download a PDF version through the website.

Donations can be made to UnitingWorld on the Web or Facebook or call 1800 998 122 or mail PO Box A2266 Sydney South 1235.


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