Roundup: Sri Lanka, foster care, church and state, Occupy

Roundup: Sri Lanka, foster care, church and state, Occupy

‘War criminal’ Rajapaksa to visit Perth

Several prominent Australian human rights advocates have called for protests when Sri Lanka’s “war criminal” president, Mahinda Rajapaksa comes to Perth in late October to attend the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

Plea for more foster carers

There is a desperate need for foster carers in the Hills. UnitingCare Burnside’s manager of the Out of Home Care program Barbara McCann says there is nowhere near enough carers to meet demand.

Reuniting church and state

Giving to God what is due to God and to Caesar what is due to Caesar raises a complex network of accountabilities. It does not separate the church from society, nor does it give either the church or the state a zone of non-interference where either may do as it sees fit, free from accountability.

Shane Claiborne on Occupy

I believe we’re building something new, proclaiming something else as possible. God wants to see us systemically dismantle disparity.


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