Synod Growth Fund Helps Quakers Hill Support Their Youth and Young Adults

Synod Growth Fund Helps Quakers Hill Support Their Youth and Young Adults

Quakers Hill Uniting Church is located in the North Western part of Sydney in the Blacktown City Council. It has a significant multicultural ministry. The church recently received a Synod Growth Fund grant to support a Youth and young adults ministry worker and to expand their services for people in the first third of life.

Quakers Hill Uniting Church’s Heather McIntosh told Insights the church, “has always had a significant call to minister to the wider community, particularly to those within the first third of life.”

“Four years ago, the congregation with support from Uniting employed a Families and Communities Coordinator to coordinate activities for young children and their families,” Ms McIntosh said.

“From this vital work we have seen an increase in young families connecting with our church community and as these children get older there has been a core group of Youth and young adults that regularly attend worship and activities during the week.”

After COVID lockdowns ended in 2022, Quakers Hill Uniting Church started ‘Revival’ a monthly worship service on a Sunday afternoon, run by and for young people. By hiring a Youth and Young Adults Ministry worker, the congregation aims to resource and guide young people as they serve, and to look at ways to further connect with the Youth and Young adults in the Quakers Hill community.

The project also aims to connect the congregation’s multiple youth ministries together to form a cohesive youth and young adults’ hub. 

“We see this worker as a significant investment in our young people and the wider Uniting Church in North Western Sydney,” Ms McIntosh said.

At the time of writing, Quakers Hill Uniting Church has finalised the job description and the position will soon be advertised. The position is 30 hours per week.

“We are looking for someone passionate about spreading God’s love and good news to youth and young adults,” Ms McIntosh said.

“We would love for them to come and be a strong part of our Ministry Team here at Quakers Hill.”

The Growth fund put together several helpful templates to guide the process of applying for funding. The initial stage of expressions of interest was relatively straight forward. The second stage is much more detailed and requires some time and planning to complete.”

“I would encourage other congregations who have dreams and visions to create new mission activities or expand existing ministries to pray and consider how the Growth Fund may be able to assist.” 

“Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and God continues to work in and through us all.”

The Synod growth fund is the way that local congregations can access the Future Directions resourcing framework.


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  1. Can you help my youths as well
    Siboro united church from western part of Solomon. I would love to know how we can share ideas and what’s best.

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