Sydney students striking for climate send government message, “We won’t settle”

Sydney students striking for climate send government message, “We won’t settle”

On Friday, 3 March school students in Sydney will be joined alongside thousands across the world as a part of the Global Climate Strike, demanding that our Government take drastic action against the climate crisis by rejecting new coal and gas projects, and invest in clean renewable energy, secure union green jobs, and First Nations solutions to protect country.

The Morrison Government is gone, but the Climate Crisis is still here. It is abundantly clear that the Labor Government’s 43 percent emissions reduction target is simply inadequate and lacks the necessary actions to enact the action needed to protect our futures. We have seen this on full display with the Safeguard mechanism allowing companies to trade off their emissions and continue polluting in a business as usual way. We are in a climate crisis, we demand better.

In NSW we are preparing for a State Election and it is now more essential than ever to push our political candidates to stand for climate justice. We have seen continuous inaction on climate from the Liberal-National Perrottet Government and Labor has not proposed an alternative that by any means is sufficient. We are sending them a message that #WeWon’tSettle as communities, workers, young people, First Nations communities, and marginalised groups are exploited while both the NSW Liberal and Labor Parties continue to greenwash through duplicitous and callous actions.

We want to see justice intersect. We want to see people not have to choose between heating or eating, we want to see Treaty, we want to know that our communities and frontlines are being heard and their demands for justice are met. So we Strike for Climate Justice on 3 March.

Ethan Lyons, 17, Year 12: “We are striking to expose the Albanese government’s greenwashing. Their plan to cut emissions relies on a trading scheme that allows fossil fuel companies to buy their way out of cutting emissions.  As a young Wiradjuri striker, I want to see public and community driven solutions to the climate crisis otherwise we won’t settle.”


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