Strike 4 Climate gathering in Sydney

Strike 4 Climate gathering in Sydney

I read an article last week by Ross Gittins, the senior economics writer for the Sydney Morning Herald.

The article was titled, “An apology to my grandkids for not fighting in the war of our times.” It was about the adult generation’s lack of action on climate change. It was prompted by a tweet Gittins received on holidays.

The tweeter’s view was the next generation will not forgive us for what we have done to the world and them. Gittins said he shared that fear, but joked that with any luck, he would be dead before the next generation realised the hell our short-sightedness had left for them. Then he wrote:

“But the climate seems to be deteriorating so rapidly I am not sure I will get off that easily. I love my five grandkids, but I am not looking forward to the day they’re old enough to quiz me on “what I did in the war”. What was I saying and doing while our leaders were going for decades kicking the problem down the road as the easiest way to get re-elected”?

On Friday 3 March hundreds of school students will lead a march of thousands to appeal for more urgent and stronger action on climate change. Our young people feel and know (because as Gittins says, our best scientists have warned us for decades) that their future is seriously at risk.

Members of the Uniting Church community are invited to join with them, out of compassion and our own concern for people, the earth and all its creatures – all part of God’s good creation.

Why the urgency?

The new Federal government and our NSW and ACT governments have taken positive steps on climate. However, the scale and pace of change still falls far short of what is required for a safe climate future.

In just the last 12 months, floods, bushfires, and extreme heat have ravaged many parts of our planet. Australian communities have not been spared, with the devastating floods last year.

Climate scientists tell us extreme weather events will become more frequent and destructive. It is critical we drastically reduce emissions and make the transition to a society based on renewable energy as soon as possible.

Please join with thousands of students, workers, teachers, parents and grandparents in making that call as part of the #GlobalClimateStrike.

March details

Members of the Uniting Church community are invited to gather on the steps of Pitt Street Uniting Church at 11.30 am for a pre-march gathering. We’ll take a photo together, do a quick briefing, assemble around our banners and walk together to Town Hall for the start of the march.

Friday 3 March

11.30am: Pre-gathering at Pitt St Uniting Church (264 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000)

Walk together to Town Hall

12.00pm-3 pm: SS4C & Global Climate Strike March at Town Hall

What to bring:  Bring a hat, sunscreen and water- it could be hot. Please wear whatever you have that identifies you and who you represent – e.g., school uniform, Uniting Church t-shirts, banners and placards!

Why are we marching?

We are protesting the lack of urgent action on climate change and supporting the #SS4C movement’s call for:

  • No new coal, oil and gas
  • 100 percent public renewable energy and exports by 2030
  • Funding for a just transition and jobs for fossil fuel workers & their communities.
  • Real carbon cuts, not offsets.
  • Resource First Nations-led solutions that guarantee land rights and care for Country.

Canberra march: There is a gathering planned for Canberra as well. Go tothe School Strike 4 Climate website for more details.

Please contact Jon O’Brien at Uniting Advocacy for more information: M 0477 725 528 E

Jon O’Brien

Uniting Advocacy team


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