Stepping out with the Sacred: Human Attempts to Engage the Divine

Stepping out with the Sacred: Human Attempts to Engage the Divine

Val Webb
Continuum, $34.95

In today’s postmodern, multicultural and multi-faith society, all religious faiths have come under more scrutiny than ever before.

In this pluralistic environment we should be very careful about making universal truth claims and those making such claims must be prepared for, and open to, challenge and question.

This ambitious sequel to Like Catching Water in a Net (2007) invites readers to explore the variety of ways that people and religions, through the ages have attempted to engage the sacred.

Using observations and stories — her own and other peoples from around the world — Webb draws together materials describing the many ways people from different cultures and religions have attempted to make meaningful connections with the Divine.

These connections are explored through the lenses of the earth, sacred places, time and things, texts, rituals and prayer.

Stepping Out also looks at where we think the Divine “resides”, what humans seek to gain from engaging with the Divine, the place of those who mediate between people and the Divine, and how, and through whom, God acts.

Webb, whose professional career spans the worlds of science, business, art and theology, poses some critical questions that will deeply challenge some readers.

However those keen to reflect on, and learn from, the broader search for the Divine, Stepping Out With The Sacred is an intelligent, fascinating and very approachable book. It would be ideal for anyone interested in dialoguing with people of other faiths and for small discussion groups, especially book clubs.

Karyl Davison


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