Sharing stories of faith and life

Sharing stories of faith and life

Rev. Rob Hanks has been holding monthly dinners, as a space to share stories of faith and life.

“I’ve been listening and discerning through COVID about what kind of gathering people might find meaningful beyond gathered Sunday Worship,” Rev. Hanks said.

“The idea is to meet over a monthly meal, to encourage one another in our lives and to deliberately focus on discipleship and how we are engaging in God’s mission in the world.”

Rev. Hanks said the meetings were, “not dinner church but maybe more like a home group at a restaurant and not worship liturgy, but Life.”

“I’m reaching back to groups and experiments I’ve explored over decades and listening to what people are seeking from within and beyond our existing congregation.”

The next Monthly Dinner will take place at 5:45pm at The Bennett Hotel at 146 Denison Street, Hamilton. The RSVP is due by 11am, 22 May.

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