Seeking stories of struggle in the housing marketplace

Seeking stories of struggle in the housing marketplace

Have you – or someone you know in the Sydney region – had trouble finding a place you can afford? Would you be willing to share this experience as part of a Uniting campaign for more affordable accommodation?

As housing prices and rents rise, people are struggling to buy or even rent a home where they can live securely, work and raise children.

Look at the stats: in 2014 less than 1% of properties available in Greater Sydney were realistically affordable for people on minimum wages.

Barriers of the NSW Housing System_final

Synod’s Social Justice Forum is working with the Sydney Alliance to gather experiences of people affected by this issue. We aim to highlight the human impacts to governments and decision-makers – and what they need to do to make housing more secure and affordable for more people.

To do this, we need to gather some people from in and around Sydney, prepared to share their stories of difficulty in finding a place they can realistically buy, or finding or staying in rented accommodation.

Interested? Come and join our information meeting in Sydney on the evening of April 20. We’re starting the campaign in Sydney, but aim to build change across NSW.

For more information, please contact Stafford Sanders:  or (02) 9407 3204.


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