Save the date for the Synod climate action conference

Save the date for the Synod climate action conference

When: Saturday March 20, 9.00am – 5.00pm

Where: Centre for Ministry and on-line via Zoom

In 2019 the Synod meeting initiated the Synod Climate Action Strategy. The strategy grew from our church’s long standing commitment to care for creation.

 As a church we resolved to:

  • Advocate to all levels of government for reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Stand with young people in their concerns about climate change
  • Work to reduce emissions in all parts of the church

Since then five task groups have been working to bring the strategy to life in tangible ways.

In the wider world much is happening to re-focus attention on the need for decisive action on climate change.

With the next Synod approaching it is timely to consider what our priorities should be in the next phase of the Climate Strategy.

What can we as a church distinctively contribute to this movement for a safer climate future and flourishing world for all?

What can you do?

If you want to be part of answering those questions and the action that results, then we would love to have you at the conference. There will be a range of speakers and workshops stimulating our thinking on issues like:

  • Climate leadership and what types of action can achieve positive change
  • Understanding what other climate actors are doing and where we connect
  • Faith, politics and living and voting our values
  • First Nations perspectives on care for creation
  • What it will take to have an impact for our Pacific Island neighbours

Due to the changing nature of COVID restrictions physical places may be limited. We hope that many Uniting Church people, especially in regional and rural areas, will be able to participate via Zoom. Either way, please register early via Eventbrite.

We hope to see you there.

The Uniting Advocacy team on behalf of the Synod Climate Strategy.


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