Why I will be attending the Synod Climate Action Conference

Why I will be attending the Synod Climate Action Conference

No one knows what the future holds, but we know something now that concerns the future for all of us: Climate is changing and it is changing very fast and dramatically.

Scientists are crying out, ‘We are in an emergency crisis stage with Climate change.’ What are we to do as citizens and members of the Uniting Church? There are no quick fix answers to this very challenging question.

Like the differences we have in looks, backgrounds, and languages, we also may have different views, understanding, and desire of what to do.

As a Pacific Island leader and ordained minister of the Uniting Church, I have more question than answers in relation to Climate crisis in the Pacific and our world. That shapes the way I wish to answer the question that is before us.

Some of the more heartfelt questions I wrestle with daily are as follows:

1. The Pacific communities in Western Sydney are struggling with the high cost of electricity and unaffordable housing and surmountable cost of living, how can I worry about issues in the Pacific and not closer to home?

2. The rising sea and natural disasters in the Pacific will means there is no future in a lot of these islands how can I help?

3. How can we contribute to any solution at all if Climate Change is irreversible?

I pray daily for God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This leads me to believe, there is lots more you and I can do. As a faith leader and a community member of Inner West Sydney, I cannot sit still while I witness members of my community suffering the high cost of living.

As part of Uniting Mission and Education staff, I see it as part of our mission strategy to reach out to communities standing up for just and fair treatment of all citizens of the land: Calling the government to consider clean energy and affordable housing and standard allowance for all is part of our church mission.

Advocating for our Pacific neighbours and the safety of the people in every island country in the Oceania region is a moral and an ethical responsibility of country like Australia and New Zealand.

The Future Directions conference is seeking to address the future of our church and community involvement in Climate Change Issues.

I wish to invite members of the Uniting Church in Australia to participate and attend this very important conference.

We will hear excellent speakers and learn from experienced elective leaders.

We each have a part to play now that would make a difference in what our future should be like.

The Synod Climate action conference: Future Direction takes place on Saturday March 20 from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Attendees can join the event face-to-face or online. To register, visit the Eventbrite page here.

Rev. Alimoni Taumopeau is a Mission Facilitation Consultant for Uniting Mission & Education.


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