Roundup: Same-sex marriage, natural disasters, Christmas music, TV, consumerism

Roundup: Same-sex marriage, natural disasters, Christmas music, TV, consumerism

Both sides brace for Supreme Court battle on gay marriage

The US Supreme Court’s decision to take up the explosive issue of same-sex marriage will thrust the high court into a policy debate that has divided federal and state governments and courts, as well as voters in nearly 40 states.

Asia and the economics of natural disasters

How big a threat is the rising number of natural disasters to the rapid economic progress in the Asia-Pacific region?

Christmas music that isn’t horrible

Christmas is less than two weeks away and, even though most of us probably started cranking the Christmas tunes, here’s a look at some of this year’s best Christmas compilations so you don’t overplay, say, Amy Grant’s classic 1983 Christmas Collection.

Be kind, rewind

Ten best spiritual TV series to gift this Christmas.

War on Christmas? Sign this minister up!

If the Christmas Present with it’s full-on worship of consumerism continues to masquerade as Christmas Past, our Christmas Futures will increasingly become times when we give out of our abundance rather than out of a response to need and out of a response to God’s love.


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