News of demise of Alan Walker College premature

News of demise of Alan Walker College premature

In the November edition of Insights the reference to the demise of the Alan Walker College of Evangelism was overstated.

The college has not closed down. In fact, we have had one of our most successful years both in the number of students and in the development of a new direction for the college.

What has changed is that we are no longer predominantly residential. Instead, we have been able to spend six weeks doing intensives in various Pacific nations.

We have also been developing an online learning system which now has over 75 students doing a course in biblical studies. This course forms the first of six in a new Certificate in Lay Preaching.

The property in North Parramatta has been leased to Parramatta Mission, which helps us to fund the new direction of the College. We are also hoping that this relationship with Parramatta Mission will develop to the point where the college can offer training both internally and externally to the mission.

We are looking forward to 2013 and the challenges and opportunities it will bring. If you would like to support the college or get more information about the changes please email us at

Martin Levine, Principal


7 thoughts on “News of demise of Alan Walker College premature”

  1. Is any internal training done at North Parramatta property now?

    Or, has Parramatta Mission moved in and use the residential accommodation as well as the office etc., facilities?

  2. Hi there! my name is Rau Vetali (Rev) from PNG. I filled in for a course in 2012 when you (M Levine) came to run courses in Port Moresby. I am writing to enquire on how I can get started this year. I’m sure you will find my name in your records.
    Currently I am pastoring at Waigani United Church. AWCE still has more opportunities for such trainings in the Pacific. I am willing support this program in the future.
    We’ll be seeing you soon during the 2nd Mens’ Convention in Pom so see you then! Bamahuta!

  3. Please send me more information about your courses. I am interested in doing post grad studies in missiology.

    Thank you.

    In His service,

    mary ann baker.

  4. I attend evangelism in 2001 christian counsellng in 2005:and peacebuilding at kingschool in 2008. What a wonderful experience i have with all my friends and to my ministy. Can you send more infomation about your next course? Vinaka.

    1. Donna Mason Turagabeci

      I am a Diploma in Theology students from Fiji currently serving as a School Chaplain in a Secondary School and I would like to do a Bachelor of Divinity Program in your prestigious Institution.
      Can you please send me information about the courses available and the requirements.
      Thank you.

  5. Hi dear
    I Fr Mathew Maima from the Catholic Diocese of Kundiawa, PNG. I attended peacebuilding training in 2008 which I lave lasting memory of Allan Walker College. I
    I have misplaced my training certificate. Please can admin find my record and send the my copy of certificate.

    Thank you
    Mathew Maima

  6. Hi Dear
    I, Fr. Mathew Maima from Catholic Diocese of Kundiawa PNG. I attendee peacebuilding course at Allan Walker College in 2008. I had the wonderful time there and environment there is very friendly.
    I have misplaced my course certificate and I kindly ask the admin to check my record and send the copy a copy to me.

    Thank you


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