Roundup: Climate change, queers for Jesus, Intervention, Guthrie, discussion

Roundup: Climate change, queers for Jesus, Intervention, Guthrie, discussion

Faith must confront climate change with a single moral voice

Whatever happens in the years to come, one thing is clear for humanity: we stand, or we fall, together.

‘Queers for Jesus’ challenge church and society with radical blog site

As heated debate continues on same-sex marriage, people who regard themselves as “queer followers of Jesus” say they want to make their voices heard and to question assumptions in both church and society.

NT Intervention shakes once-popular Labor support

Senior traditional law man and a long-time minister and moderator for the Uniting Church, his speech was a dramatic emotional call to arms.

This land was his land

Today, Texas is in the midst of a prolonged drought; global warming is a scientific fact; and wildfires, blizzards and tornadoes increasingly ravage the American landscape. The unerring rightness of adobe living is now more apparent than ever. It’s almost as if Guthrie had prophetically written “House of Earth” with the summer of 2012 in mind.

Churches take their message to taverns

“I strongly believe in interfaith dialogue, and discussion and conversation is how we are going to come together as Americans and people of different faiths.”


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